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(1) Ni-Al hydrotalcite was prepared by coprecipitation method, and nickel-aluminum composite oxide was prepared by calcination at high temperature. The potassium fluoride and nickel-aluminum composite oxide were ground together and dried to prepare potassium fluoride /nickel-aluminum composite oxide. The molar ratio of nickel to aluminum was 2, the calcination temperature was 550 ℃, the calcination time was 2h, and the mass ratio of potassium fluoride /nickel aluminum composite oxide was 1. The optimum conditions for the preparation of catalyst were obtained by orthogonal experiment.

(2) The potassium fluoride /nickel-aluminum composite oxide prepared under the optimized conditions catalyzed the transesterification reaction of castor oil with methanol. As a result, the conversion rate of castor oil was 98.9%.

(3) The Ni-Al hydrotalcite, nickel-aluminum composite oxide and potassium fluoride /nickel-aluminum composite oxide catalysts prepared under optimized conditions were characterized by TG-DTA, FTIR, BET and XRD. The results show that nickel The hydrothermal talc has three weight loss steps in the temperature range of 30 ~ 220 ℃, 220 ~ 380 ℃ and 500 ~ 520 ℃. The BET surface area of the potassium fluoride /nickel aluminum compound oxide catalyst is 34.42m2 /g, the accumulated pore volume of BJH Is 0.128cm3 /g and the average pore radius of BJH is 5.46nm. The potassium fluoride /nickel-aluminum composite oxide catalyst is composed of NiO crystal doped with aluminum atom, K3AlF6 crystal and amorphous material. It is presumed that KOH Play a major catalytic role.