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The results showed that the addition of potassium fluoride could increase the crystal temperature of ammonium nitrate to 95 ℃, but it was not conducive to the improvement of AN hygroscopicity and agglomeration performance. The active agent can improve the anti-hygroscopicity and anti-fastness of AN, and the effect of cationic surfactant is better than that of anionic surfactants, and the anti-hygroscopicity and anti-fastness of ammonium nitrate modified by compound surfactants are the best. The Ammonium nitrate through the role of complex surfactant, made its own detonation sensitivity of the expansion of ammonium nitrate, instead of the sensitizer TNT sensitization, so that the expansion of ammonium nitrate explosive detonation sensitivity of a qualitative change. The detonation parameters and the equilibrium composition of the CJ products were calculated by VLWR detonation procedure. The detonation parameters of the rocked puffed ammonium nitrate and ammonium thief explosives were calculated by the plexiglass method. And the calculated values are close to the experimental values. The waveforms of φ100 × 100mm rock puffing, coal puffing, ammonium ladder and emulsion bottom are calculated by waveform test. After obtaining the waveform fitting function, the waveform fitting function is obtained after the detonation wave Industrial explosives have low detonation and low detonation characteristics of non - ideal detonation. The detonation velocity and detonation pressure of aluminum-containing explosives were tested by plexiglass method. The effect of aluminum powder reactivity on the detonation parameters of aluminum-containing explosives was calculated by VLWR detonation procedure. The results showed that the aluminum- In the CJ surface, the reaction rate of aluminum powder increases, and the detonation velocity D_ (CJ), detonation pressure P_ (CJ) and burst temperature T_ (CJ) of aluminum-containing explosives increase with the increase.