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The effects of ultrasonic and mechanical agitation on the transesterification reaction were studied. The effect of ultrasonic enhanced nano-KF(Potassium Fluoride) /γ - Al2O3 catalyzed transesterification kinetics. The results show that the K32 / Al2O3-catalyzed transesterification of soybean oil during mechanical agitation is a quasi-secondary reaction at the initial stage of the reaction, followed by a first-order reaction and a later-order reaction. The reaction activation energy Ea at the initial reaction is 21.03 kJ / mol, the pre-exponential factor K0 is 846.49 L / (mol.min). The kinetic process of the transesterification reaction of nano-KF / γ-Al2O3 is basically the same as that of the conventional method. And the activation energy Ea was 12.99 kJ / mol. The activation energy was slightly lower than that of the esterification reaction under mechanical stirring, indicating that the activation energy was 12.99 kJ / mol, and the activation energy was slightly lower than that of the mechanical reaction, indicating that the K0 was 76.33 L / (mol.min) and the activation energy Ea was 12.99 kJ / mol Under the action of ultrasound, the transesterification reaction is easier to proceed; the ultrasonic enhanced transesterification reaction rate constant is higher than that of the conventional method, so that the reaction can be balanced in a short time.