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The KF(Potassium Fluoride)-CH3OH system and the electrochemical behavior of the fennel in the system were studied by linear sweep voltammetry (LSV), constant potential electrolysis and constant current electrolysis. The effects of potassium fluoride concentration and scanning speed on KF-CH3OH system The results show that the peak of methanol in the KF-CH3OH system is the oxidation peak of methanol, and the response peak current of the KF-CH3OH system is the same as that of the KF-CH3OH system in the KF-CH3OH system. F-concentration and scanning speed increased; the hydrogen bond formed between KF and CH3OH changed the oxidation pathway of methanol and promoted the formation of methoxy radicals in methanol; the electricity of F-anisotropin adsorbed on the electrode surface The concentration of potassium fluoride was 100mmol /L, the concentration of anethole was 100mmol /L, the anodic potential was controlled at 0.9V for constant potential electrolysis. The main product of electrooxidation was anisidine dimethyl acetal. The experimental results show that the yield of p - MBDMA is 64.12% and the current efficiency is 55.34%, and the current density is 6A / dm2.