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A series of KF(Potassium Fluoride) /La2O2CO3 solid base catalysts were synthesized by impregnation method using La2O2CO3 as carrier. The transesterification reaction of tributyrate and methanol was carried out as the probe reaction. The factors influencing the catalytic performance and the basic and catalytic activity were studied. The relationship between the catalytic performance of the catalyst and its structure and basicity was studied by a series of test methods. The results show that the calcination temperature has a significant effect on the catalytic activity. 773 K calcined 25% KF /La2O2CO3 (25-KF / LOC-773) catalyst has excellent catalytic properties at room temperature, which is related to the presence of a large amount of Br¤ćnsted base at the surface of the catalyst. The re-use and stability studies of the 25-KF /LOC-773 catalyst showed that it remained 90 days and remained well catalyzed after treatment with CO2. The re-use of 25-KF(Potassium Fluoride) / LOC-773 catalyst was tested and the reason for the catalytic activity at room temperature was decreased and the catalytic activity at 338 K was studied.