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The substance used to study the relationship between pH and fluoride uptake in permanent enamel of permanent molars is as follows:
① Fluoride sodium toothpaste, ② potassium fluoride + manganese chloride toothpaste, ③ the same sample fluoride concentration of sodium fluoride solution. The first part of this paper describes the in vitro from the toothpaste slurry and fluoride from the sodium fluoride solution, pH Ranging from 7.1 to 4.5. The results show that there is no significant difference between the tested substances, but the pH value is significant. Fluoride in the form of fluoride uptake in the case of low pH value can be increased by 5 times. The increase in fluoride content of the toothpaste fluoride in the same pH range. The results show that the three samples have the same fluoride initiation rate (about 50 ppm / min) at pH 6, The rate of the outer layer of enamel is proportional to the activity of hydrogen ions.