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The present invention discloses a silver paste having the formula ingredients including anhydrous potassium fluoride, potassium fluoroborate, boron anhydride and water; the weight percent of each component is anhydrous potassium fluoride: potassium fluoroborate: boron anhydride = 42:23:35, the above three components mixed with the weight percentage of water as a mixture: water = 63:37; said silver paste by adding a little humectant; the silver solder paste manufacturing method, according to the weight percentage 42:23:35 anhydrous potassium fluoride: potassium fluoroborate: boric anhydride mixture into the porcelain altar, adding the mixture with water weight percentage of 63:37 quantitative water, adding stone ball in the porcelain altar. The invention has the following advantages: practical, low production cost, safe, environmentally friendly, well-formed, and can be used in the ball mill. The amount of smoke is small, less residue after welding, easy to clean up.