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In the constant current mode, the micro-arc oxidation of pure aluminum in electrolytes containing sodium silicate, potassium fluoride, glycerol and potassium hydroxide was studied. When the positive and negative current density ratios were constant, the effects of different current densities on the surface. 

The results show that the number of micropores on the surface of the ceramic membrane decreases with the increase of the current density, and the surface pore diameter and the thickness of the ceramic membrane increase. The ceramic film is mainly composed of α-Al2O3 and γ-Al2O3, and the diffraction intensity of α-Al2O3 and γ-Al2O3 in the film layer is obviously enhanced with the increase of the current density. The microhardness of the ceramic membrane increases with the increase of the current density, and the microhardness is up to 27.331 GPa, much higher than the matrix microhardness of 0.687 GPa.