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Immediate skin surface irrigation with tap water should be initiated to remove Hydrofluoric acid(HF) from the skin and prevent rapid penetration by the extremely lipophilic acid. There is general consensus that lavage should occur immediately at the site of the accident for 15 min to 30 min before proceeding to the emergency department. 

Hydrofluoric acid(HF) chemical injuries in which lavage was initiated as a first aid measure showed significantly less full-thickness injury and more than a twofold shorter hospital stay compared to those who did not receive lavage until admission to hospital”. No fluid decontamination alternatives have been shown to be superior to water for first-aid irrigation.

From the perspective of chemical thermodynamics and physical structure analysis of the hydrofluoric acid can corrode glass, can form acid salts with weak acid, such as different reasons for the special nature of the other halogen acid. Male patient, 30 years old. Work accidentally hydrofluoric acid burns multiple body immediately after injury, wash with water 10min, after 3h to the emergency. Before admission at the local clinic intravenous infusion of isotonic saline 400ml. Patient irritability, stiff limbs, convulsions, lockjaw, eyes blurred vision, tearing, whole body skin cyanosis.