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Hydrofluoric acid(HF) readily passes through and around the nail plate causing severe damage to the delicate subungual tissues. Involvement of the nail bed poses a unique challenge in calcium gel delivery and removal of the fingernail is often required. One should not hesitate to remove the nail if severe pain is present. This requires local block or sedation and the finger pads can be injected at the same time.

The eye tissue is highly susceptible to Hydrofluoric acid(HF) liquid or vapour. Similar to cutaneous burns, the most important therapy is efficient immediate lavage. Some authors describe using 1% to 10% calcium gluconate eye drops after irrigation. A prompt ophthalmological opinion is mandatory if any concerns arise.  It is not uncommon for debrided wounds to appear viable yet experience poor graft take. Staging the surgery and incorporating multiple debridements when large areas are involved is common practice. In this case, allografts or xenografts can be used after the first debridement to enable further wound demarcation while keeping the wound closed to contamination. This method also spares the donor sites until the wound bed is certain to support a graft or flap.

Since the classical method to measure volatile Hydrofluoric acid(HF) quartz sand SiO2 content of platinum ware applied to some extent limited. Selection of Teflon crucible and ceramic crucible integrated process instead of a platinum crucible to determin of SiO2 content, the measurement results was the same with using a platinum crucible method.