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Any patients with inhalationinjury, disturbance of consciousness, severe diseases ofimportant organs, and other hydrofluoric acid (HF) injuries beyond the distallimbs were excluded. Patients under the age of 14 years oldwere also excluded. Each patient did not receive the same orsimilar treatments related to calcium gluconate postburn.After pre-treatments, i.e., lavage with water for 15 min andwet compressing with 10% calcium gluconate solution for15 min, the patients with visual analogy score (VAS) scores<4.0 were also excluded.

A presents a left thumb wound burnedby hydrofluoric acid (HF). The skin flush was distributed over the thumb and palm. B presents an intravenous cannulaplaced on the dorsum of the left hand. C presents a double-cuffed pneumatic tourniquet applied above the elbow after theaffected limb was lifted for 1 min, and then elastic bandage colligation was conducted on the affected limb from theproximal cannula to the distal pneumatic tourniquet. D shows how 15 ml of 10% calcium gluconate diluted with 35 ml of0.9% saline solution was infused by the intravenous cannula on the flat affected limb, which was completed in 2 min. E andF show how cuff and rubber tourniquet loops were released from the proximal to distal end with a time interval of 2 min. Eshows how the cuff was released after the rubber tourniquet was strapped below the elbow. F presents the subsequentremoval of the rubber tourniquet on the wrist; the one below the elbow was then released.

We have screened by orthogonal  of 18-8 stainless steel 8% HNO3 + 2% hydrofluoric acid acid medium fog inhibitor. Test results showed that, the best formula for the composition is 0.3% + 0.2% thiourea derivatives Ukraine Lotto goods + 0.3% + 0.2% ammonium thiocyanate, sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate, corrosion rate of 99%, fog rate of about 85%, the best corrosion inhibition formulations suppression fogging agent does not affect the mechanical properties of the material.