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Because local edema is manifested after Hydrofluoric acid burn, subcuta-neous injection could increase swelling and pain, or evenin?uence circulation of hands or feet, indicating thatsubcutaneous injection is not suitable to treat HF burns ofdistal limbs. Arterial infusion of calcium gluconate candirectly transport calcium ions to the burn regions, and thencombine with ?uoride ions.

In our opinion, regional intravenous infusion of calciumgluconate using the Bier block technique to treat Hydrofluoric acid burn ofthe distal limbs provided a safe administration route toeffectively relieve pain and block progressive deepening ofwounds. This method can be considered as an alternativetherapy for HF burns of the distal limbs.

Hydrogen acid to adjust the role of silicate minerals and mineral crystal chemical characteristics have a a close relationship. the cleaning effect of Hydrofluoric acid on mineral surfaces, surface silicate mineral dissolution and mineral surface Al3 + form aluminum fluoride complex, the nature of the mineral surface will change. Hydrofluoric acid is the main mechanism of action of adjustment.