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The present invention relates to a hydrogel bead for detecting hydrofluoric acid and a kit comprising the same, and more particularly, to a hydrogel bead capable of detecting hydrofluoric acid using an organometallic ligand compound that reversibly changes color depending on the concentration of hydrofluoric acid when coming into contact with hydrofluoric acid, and to a kit for detecting hydrofluoric acid comprising the same. 

In an embodiment, a method for preparing a hydrogel bead for detecting hydrofluoric acid comprises the steps of: mixing an organic compound, which contains an aromatic functional group having at least one hydroxyl group bonded thereto, with a solution of a metal-ligand compound that bonds with the organic compound, thereby preparing a mixed solution; dropping the mixed solution onto a gelling agent; and adding coagulating agent to the mixture resulting from the dropping step to form a porous bead.

Hydrofluoric acid is an inorganic acid, a strong corrosive, can cause specific biological damage. As a cleaning agent, it has been widely used in refrigerant, semiconductor manufacturing, frosted glass and stone and other industrial fields. Alkylation unit is mainly used in the production of unleaded gasoline, economic and social benefits are substantial. As a result, hydrofluoric acid as a catalyst in the alkylation production, corrosion of the equipment is very serious.