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In China, sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid parity index was to 80.74  June 22. It is unchanged from yesterday, the historical record cycle low, compared with July 2, 2012 the highest point of 127.47 points decreased by 36.66%. 

(Note: refers to the period since 2012-01-01)

It is reported that sulfuric acid reference price is 315.00, starting from 2016-3-13, 102 days have decreased by 10.954%. Hydrofluoric acid  day downstream commodity reference price of 6540.00, starting from 2016-1-18, 157 days after another rose 9.703 percent.

We conclude that hydrofluoric acid-desilicification procedures are useful for obtaining total HSE contents of some young lavas, but this type of procedure is not recommended for studies where Re-Pt-Os chronological information is desired. The collateral effect of a standard acid digestion to liberate Os, followed by hydrofluoric acid-desilicification to obtain Re and Pt abundances in samples, is that the measured Re/Os and Pt/Os may not correspond with measured 187Os/188Os or 186Os/188Os.

The fluoride from hydrofluoric acid treatment on Ti and TiO2 surfaces gave no specific effect on primary human osteoblast cells. The study indicates that the released fluoride is not the unique factor for the bioactivity of Ti and TiO2 surfaces. The aim of the study was to investigate solely the effect of fluoride on the surface chemistry of polycrystalline ceramic titanium dioxide (TiO2) and metallic titanium (Ti) and its effect on proliferation and differentiation of primary human osteoblasts (NHO). The fluoride release study detected that fluoride content easily washed off in TiO2 coins when compared with Ti coins. No increase in cell proliferation was found among fluoride-modified TiO2 surfaces compared with controls, except for washed Ti coins with fluoride modification. The cell differentiation with regard to gene expression showed no significant differences in both fluoride-modified and unmodified samples and less effect on protein release for all groups.