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Data showed last week, the overall stability of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid market, but the market is slightly less, although manufacturers offer a whole stable, but the market turnover declined slightly. Operating rate is still around Liucheng, last weekend the national market, the price of 6550 yuan / ton, down 1.54%.

Product: Last week anhydrous hydrofluoric acid market downward trend, especially in the South-end market price decline, the current situation in the case of downstream yet to recover, and started to increase, adequate supply, MERCOSUR is a serious bid, the price decline; In contrast, Early North MERCOSUR better than the market upward, so now the market remains stable north, the downstream refrigeration industry started relatively stable. Shandong China offer range of 6500-7700 yuan / ton factory, the main area to the price of 6500-6900 yuan / ton, the mainstream offer East interval 6400-6900 yuan / ton factory, in central China offer range of 6450-6800 yuan / ton factory.

Chain: upstream fluorite powder market was less than the month, the price is more than a correction, such as Jiangxi province in China transaction price down 30 yuan / ton; downstream refrigeration industry into the off-season, but by the impact of the G20 summit, a serious shortage of supply, rose sharply last week situation, but later prices will enter callback operating rate of decline.

Currently hydrofluoric acid market is relatively stable, the overall more bearish, market confidence was also inadequate, while the downstream refrigeration industry into the off-season, some analysts believe that short-term market south of hydrofluoric acid under pressure of market competition or downturn is likely to continue, subject to overall market north Effect of decline is smaller.

(Source: Steel House)

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