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Data show that the end of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid market decline, market transactions last week 50-100 yuan / ton decline in MERCOSUR performance significantly. The national market, at the end of June the price of 6530 yuan / ton, up 3.8% in June, down 1.84%.

Product: June anhydrous hydrofluoric acid market into the downstream channel, especially in the South-end market price decline, the current situation in the case of downstream yet to recover, and started to increase, adequate supply, MERCOSUR is a serious bid, the price decline; and compared words, better than the market upward Early North MERCOSUR, so for now, although the northern market turnover also weak, falling less space. Shandong region offer range of 6500-7700 yuan / ton factory, the main area to the price of 6500-6900 yuan / ton, the mainstream offer East interval 6400-6900 yuan / ton factory, in central China offer range of 6450-6800 yuan / ton factory.

Chain: upstream fluorite powder market was less than the month, the price is more than a correction, such as Jiangxi province transaction price down 60 yuan / ton; the domestic market continued weak sulfuric acid operation, Jiangsu, Anhui area manufacturers running low acid value, the manufacturers take the goods performance in general, lower and more just need based procurement; Hebei, Inner Mongolia sulfuric acid plant or factory shut down for maintenance or low-load operation, sulfuric acid market was light, limited volume. Downstream refrigeration industry off-season, this month R22 refrigerant market prices fell sharply, traders actively clear the reservoir, the manufacturer means the load operation to remain low, the market volume was light.

Currently hydrofluoric acid market vulnerable to run, the early rise due to cost control and more manufacturers combined operation, coupled with the lack of market supply for environmental and residue disposal problems downstream no substantial positive, some analysts believe that short-term market still continue to hydrofluoric acid downside risks.