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Determination of corrosion rate of carbon steel by weight loss method, a variety of natural green plants were screened tests to finalize soy puree of carbon has a very good corrosion inhibition, and by weight loss and electrochemical methods of the corrosion inhibitors were evaluated. Experimental results show that the corrosion inhibitor in an amount of 0.55%, the temperature below 60 ℃, mass fraction of hydrofluoric acid at 5% or less, more than a very good inhibition effect, inhibition rate of 95% when. The corrosion inhibitor is an excellent hybrid electrochemical corrosion of carbon steel hydrofluoric acid cleaning, hydrofluoric acid acidity, temperature, time, have a good anti-interference effect.

Although hydrofluoric acid is very useful in scientific research, but it's also harmful. Here is about treatment and research on patients burined by hydrofluoric acid. Explore the clinical effect of hydrofluoric acid burns of hand and foot which adopt calcium gluconate gel treatment. Methods: The selected hand and foot hydrofluoric acid burns 50 patients in our hospital in May 2013 - May 2015 were treated using calcium gluconate gel treatment. 

RESULTS: Compared with before treatment, after treatment 10min, 4h, the first two days of pain decreased significantly, the difference was statistically significant (P0.05). Wound healing time was (12.2 ± 8.5) d, wound healing by changing the drug in 48 cases, line of late granulation wound skin grafting two cases. Wound healing, there are varying degrees of scar left in 19 cases. Conclusion: The hand and foot hydrofluoric acid burns using calcium gluconate gel treatment can significantly relieve pain, promote wound healing, the patient's condition based on clinical need for treatment options to adjust medication select other ways to maximize and improve the prognosis. The paper was published on "Journal of Medical Theory and Practice" magazine.