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In decade, China's hydrofluoric acid chemical industry scale expanding exponentially as the world's largest hydrofluoric acid chemical production and consumption country, independent technology innovation in key technologies and major equipment, and made outstanding achievements in expanding civilian areas, and for the protection of the ozone layer , implementation of international conventions efforts and contributions.

Hydrofluoric acid chemical industry nearly a decade of development, not only the remarkable capacity to grow exponentially and expansion of industrial scale. More commendable hydrofluoric acid chemical industry as well as in the development of key technology innovation, new product engineering and industrialization as well as major equipment, through proprietary technology development and industrialization, China's hydrofluoric acid chemical industry as a whole level of technology quickly promotion, on the basis of mainstream products and production technology products in China is close to the international advanced level.

In 2009 hydrofluoric acid production capacity means a single set of 4.5 million tons / year, the level of technology and equipment has reached the international advanced level. On the production of key equipment to break the dependence on imports to solve the problem of corrosion reaction converter.

It is worth mentioning that there are Shandong Dongyue Group to break the blockade of foreign technology, successfully developed perfluorinated ion-exchange membrane preparation technology, to fill a number of gaps in the field of hydrofluoric acid-containing functional materials, the end of our chlor-alkali industry the kinds of long-term history.