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The present invention relates to the field of sewage treatment, and more particularly to a method of treatment of hydrofluoric acid wastewater.

We provide a hydrofluoric acid recycling cleaning apparatus. Prior art of washing hydrofluoric acid without no recycling and handling as a waste, resulting in waste of costs, increasing the risk of additional hydrofluoric acid by operating personnel hazard. The utility model can be recycled hydrofluoric acid, cleaning device comprising a first and a second groove hydrofluoric acid tank, a hydrofluoric acid concentration of the second groove is greater than the first hydrofluoric acid tank, the second slot having a first overflow conduit, the first conduit connected to the first overflow tank via a first connection conduit hydrofluoric disposed downward, the second hydrofluoric acid tank exceeds a preset level of hydrofluoric acid into the first groove and the first by a first overflow conduit connecting pipes. The utility model effectively reduces costs, and reduces the risk of harm to the operator by the hydrofluoric acid.

Another present invention is "stone coal production of hydrofluoric acid decomposition of vanadium pentoxide" approach,  coal, fluorspar mix plus sulfuric acid decomposition of solid-liquid separation, and the filtrate precipitate cake pyrolysis, plus an oxidant, alkali filter cake obtained red iron oxide, ammonium solution filtrate, filter cake obtained aluminum hydroxide.