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The present invention relates to the field of sewage treatment, and more particularly to a method of treatment of hydrofluoric acid wastewater.

Background: Art photovoltaic industry production of photovoltaic cells, for etching the surface of the silicon oxide layer, the production process will be used in a large amount of hydrofluoric acid, which will generate a lot of waste water containing hydrofluoric acid, which pollute the environment. In order to reduce pollution.

Sustainable development of China's photovoltaic industry, containing hydrofluoric acid wastewater treatment and reuse have huge economic and social benefits of the fluorine-containing industrial wastewater, general precipitation method, namely the wastewater adding lime, fluorine ions CaF2 precipitate calcium ion generation removed. The process has a simple, easy to handle, and low cost, but usually only treated water discharge standards, cleanliness is very low, almost can not reuse, resulting in a lot of water waste; Another method is the direct use of reverse osmosis membrane wastewater treatment hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid with water, but because of very similar polarity, high transmittance, so that the processed output water purity is low, less than water reuse standards, reuse can not be achieved, and the use of sodium hydroxide and then reverse osmosis, will introduce a large number of ions not only increase the burden on the reverse osmosis membrane treatment, and a larger amount of sodium hydroxide, the high cost of water. Therefore, there still exist the recovery of the hydrofluoric acid wastewater treatment, water purity low output and high cost.