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Comprising the steps of: Hydrofluoric acid waste liquid in the container and add the precipitating agent in liquid hydrofluoric acid wastewater until the hydrofluoric acid waste water PH value is 1112, upper liquid, wherein precipitating agent mass ratio of 1: 0.1 0.15 lime or milk of lime and caustic soda mixture; adding hydrofluoric acid waste liquid in the upper layer liquid, PH value is adjusted to 68, followed by addition of coagulant, a mixed precipitation the supernatant; the supernatant was sequentially filtered using a filter.

 First, cross-flow ultrafiltration to obtain the concentration of water and filtered water, the filtered water is added after the scale inhibitor, and then by reverse osmosis membrane filtration to obtain and reuse waste water; and the concentration of water into the container through a portion of the waste, the waste water and the hydrofluoric acid liquid mixing, and another portion of the waste water discharge. In one embodiment, the coagulant is PAC, polyacrylamide or hydrated aluminum sulfate; the coagulant is added at a concentration of IPPM 50PPM. In one embodiment, the inhibitors of ultra-pure licensing model MPC8668 reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor; and the concentration of the scale inhibitor is added to IPPM 50PPM. In one embodiment, the filter for the three filters. In one embodiment, the cross-flow ultrafiltration membrane as a molecular weight cutoff I Wan Dalton Dalton 1 million cross-flow ultrafiltration membrane. In one embodiment, the reverse osmosis membrane Dow BW30-365 reverse osmosis membrane. In one embodiment, the quality of the filtered water and the concentration of water ratio of 5 20:80 95. The mass ratio of waste liquid of the waste liquid discharged in one embodiment, is refluxed 1030: 210. In one embodiment, after the coagulant is added and sedimentation time of 10 minutes 120 minutes. 

Hydrofluoric acid treatment method of the waste water by addition of a precipitating agent to the stock solution of hydrofluoric acid in water, hydrofluoric acid wastewater until PH value 1112, and the precipitant mass ratio of 1: 0.1 with caustic soda lime 0.15 or a mixture of lime, so as to maximize removal of fluoride hydrofluoric acid wastewater and heavy metal ions, followed by the addition of hydrofluoric acid waste liquid to adjust the PH value of 68 to give ample precipitation of calcium ions, and passes through the filter, wrong flow ultrafiltration membrane and reverse osmosis membrane filtration, filter coarse filtration, cross-flow ultrafiltration device using cross-flow filtration mode separation, so that the concentration of water and liquid hydrofluoric acid reflux wastewater treatment again, concentrated water is not easy settlement fine particles can become the core of the new crystalline calcium fluoride crystals.