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It is conducive to the formation of coarse particles tend to settle, while reducing the water particles, reducing the pollution of ultrafiltration membranes and help to improve the purity of recycled water; and trans after membrane filtration and the liquid portion of the loop processing mixed waste hydrofluoric acid reflux and wastewater, waste liquid of calcium and fluoride ions precipitate hydrofluoric acid wastewater reflux while removing the waste liquid calcium, effectively reducing the level of calcium ions, and another portion of the waste through the drain, the cycle can exclude enough waste accumulated soluble salts, reducing water salinity, reducing the processing load of the reverse osmosis membrane, not only effectively improving the recovery and reuse of water purity hydrofluoric acid wastewater treatment; and the concentrated liquid water mixed with a portion of the waste liquid hydrofluoric acid reflux and waste water treatment to increase circulation system recovery, also can reduce waste system emissions from liquid to achieve the purpose of energy saving; and precipitating agent mass ratio of 1: 0.1 and 0.15 of caustic lime or a mixture of lime, greatly reducing the use of caustic soda, lime and caustic soda phase due much cheaper than the price, thereby greatly reducing operating costs, has great economic benefits. 

After a large amount of fluoride ions precipitated by a precipitating agent, a lot of impurities removed by precipitation way, can significantly reduce the total ion concentration in the water, thus greatly reducing the load rejection reverse osmosis membranes, reverse osmosis membrane can be greatly reduced water pressure, save a lot of energy; while improving the quality of reverse osmosis membrane water production and extend the life of the membrane. After the fluoride ion and metal ion impurities are precipitated in water ion concentration is low, it can reduce waste emissions, improve recovery. Therefore, the above-described hydrofluoric acid wastewater treatment method can improve the recovery rate, the output of the water has a high purity and low cost.

Mainly with the accompanying drawings and the following specific examples further detailed description of the hydrofluoric acid wastewater treatment method. Hydrofluoric acid wastewater treatment method embodiment comprises the following steps: Step SllO: added liquid hydrofluoric acid waste water in the container, and the precipitate was added in liquid hydrofluoric acid wastewater in Qi U, until the hydrofluoric acid wastewater PH value 1112, upper liquid, wherein the precipitating agent mass ratio of 1: 0.1 and 0.15 of caustic lime or lime mixture. Wherein liquid hydrofluoric acid wastewater refers without any treatment of hydrofluoric acid waste water after cleaning the photovoltaic cell. By adding a precipitating agent in liquid hydrofluoric acid waste water, and the precipitating agent mass ratio of 1: 0.1 0.15 lime or milk of lime with a mixture of caustic soda, and the PH value is added in an amount up to 1112, excess lime you can make hydrofluoric acid wastewater fluoride and heavy metal ions sufficient precipitation.