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The following report was submitted to PA-PSRS.

A patient came to the Emergency Department complaining of chest pains. He also stated he received an acid burn of the hand prior to his arrival. The ED physician assessed the hand and found it unremarkable. The next day, however, the patient’s hand was noted to have 3+ edema. Two fingertips and underneath four fingernails were black. Poison Control was contacted about an hour after this assessment, resulting in immediate treatment of the hand/digits with calcium gluconate gel. The patient was transferred to a burn unit for further treatment.

What happened here? Calcium gluconate gel is used to treat hydrofluoric acid (HF) burns. This report may reflect missed opportunities. The patient and the Emergency Department did not appreciate the severity of the hydrofluoric acid exposure when the patient first presented to the ED. The ED did not contact Poison Control until the day after exposure when tissue damage was apparent, thus delaying appropriate treatment. Because of the unique characteristics of hydrofluoric acid exposure, patients and physicians may not be aware of the damage such exposure can cause.

More than 40% concentration of hydrofluoric acid will smoke, no matter what is the concentration of hydrofluoric acid will be volatile, corrosive hydrofluoric acid is so strong, toxic smoke goes without saying, we see that the workers concerned operation pictures of hydrofluoric acid may also find that they are with a gas mask, if you want to do experiments related to hydrofluoric acid, an gas masks is essential.