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Hydrofluoric acid Commodity Index was 56.72 in July 29:

Hydrofluoric acid Commodity Index July 29 is 56.72, unchanged from yesterday, the highest point in the cycle compared with 100.00 points (2011-09-01) decreased by 43.28%, compared with January 19, 2016 the lowest point of 54.10 points, up 4.84% . (Note: refers to the period since 2011-09-01)

Product: This month  the main market of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid is down, but near the end of the downstream cooling significantly warmer late hydrofluoric acid market will start to increase, or the south will have to rise slightly. At present, Henan Province factory 6100 yuan / ton, MERCOSUR 6,000 yuan / ton, Shandong Province to 6500-6700 yuan / ton factory, East interval 6100-6300 yuan / ton factory.

Chain: upstream fluorite powder market remained stable, 97% fluorite powder mainstream price less than 1,500 yuan / ton, the actual turnover is still room. Downstream: July R22 domestic prices fell slightly, around the end of the domestic enterprises factory price of the average price of 9655.56 yuan / ton, the overall reduction from 1.59% last year fell 22.17%, but at the end of the refrigeration industry rebound in supply and August fluorine chemical industry summit under good guidance, the refrigeration industry is expected to have a 3% increase in space.

Future Forecast:

Currently hydrofluoric acid market vulnerable to run, by the next G20 summit and the summit of Jiangxi fluorine chemicals affect, downstream refrigerant significant market correction, chemical branch believes that the summit and the downstream cooling under the influence short-term market correction is expected to hydrofluoric acid.