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[World Wide Web Roundup] According to Yonhap July 26 reported that South Korea Sejong City, Fu river industrial park, a lens factory in 7:00 on the morning of a chemical gas leakage accident occurred.

The accident resulted in two nearby factory workers and 16 workers, vomiting and dizziness and other symptoms, these workers were subsequently taken to hospital for treatment. At present, the location of the leak within a radius of 250 meters range evacuation, industrial park, a total of more than 100 people evacuated.

It is reported that the incident factory cryogenic warehouse stocked with eight barrels, of which 200 liters a barrel within the chemical leak has occurred. In the cold barrel to another warehouse transfer process, a further 100 l drums of chemical leak occurred, a total of 300 liters of total leakage. Such chemical leak after a chemical reaction releasing hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen sulfide is a harmful chemical substances, there will be symptoms of dizziness, nausea and breathing difficulties after inhaling.

Similar chemical spill also occurred in South Chungcheong Province Geumsan County north of the bird pavilion. June 4, semiconductor products, chemical manufacturers RAM TECHNOLOGY leaked 100 kg with a purity of 49~55% hydrofluoric acid. Day of the incident, there have been close to 14 residents vomiting and dizziness and other symptoms to the hospital for treatment, similar symptoms in the future the number of residents is increasing.

After investigation, the accident was the result of negligence on the device to check leakage of hydrofluoric acid, the recent work of police negligence injury to a responsible person A fine not detained 6 people filing.

This factory as early as July 2013 and January 2014 had a large leak of hydrofluoric acid contaminated water, leading to the death of thousands of fish. August 2014 hydrofluoric acid leak, resulting in four plant workers and nearby residents three symptoms occur subsequent hospitalization.

Daejeon jointly organized environmental movement, said the spate of chemical spills worried, in order to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents, appropriate measures should be developed as soon as possible.

Regional environmental group official said, relevant administrative bodies should work together in the development of chemical spills preparedness guide, construct a systematic examination and can be trained to respond quickly to system.