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October 15, 2015 in the morning, a truck loaded with 20.78 tons of hydrofluoric acid large tankers to 205 State Road, County of Fujian Sanming to sections of the tank bottom of a sudden leak. High concentrations of hydrofluoric acid corrosion of the tank quickly, so that leak slowly expand, emit toxic fumes mist. At a time when the gas station next to only about 10 meters from the tank car, there is danger of explosion.

Hydrofluoric acid is volatile chemical reaction with the metal to produce hydrogen can cause an explosion, the human body has a strong corrosive and irritating. After receiving the alarm, the fire brigade attendance Sanming command prompt start of the emergency response plans, the mobilization of Secret Squadron, Sa Sands squadron seven fire engines, 40 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene and situation to the Corps command center, Sanming City Hall, City Administration, Environmental Protection Agency and the municipal traffic police detachment has been reported that the request to send reinforcements to the scene to dispose of synergy.

According to firefighters involved in the rescue of introduction, the leak in the lower right portion tankers. When they arrived, a high concentration of hydrofluoric acid was rapid corrosion tanks, leak slowly expanding outward exudes mist of toxic fumes, the impending staff, buildings and dense traffic pose a serious threat. And a gas station next to the distance away from the tank car only ten meters in critical condition.