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After careful and comprehensive surveillance, the field headquarters to develop a "first plugging then injection" disposal program. Tackling two groups, a group dressed in heavy chemical suits bundled portable leak plugging tools plugging point, another crucial group showing a cover spray gun attack, with sand and mud piled up a "Wai weir "in the region and prevent leakage of hydrofluoric acid flowing everywhere cause serious secondary pollution.

10:07, two and a half hours after the fire brigade disposal, plugging operation is completed, the leak was completely blocked. Accident vehicle away to a remote gas station near the site will be disposed of intrusion, a fire engine to the scene to dispose of the entire process monitoring, intrusion until it is completely finished. At the same time, professional and technical personnel and disposal of vehicles arrived at the scene to assist the intrusion, environmental protection departments to mobilize a large number of lime and sand ready to hydrofluoric acid leaked and covered, in order to reduce environmental pollution.

After exclusion of danger, blocked for nearly three hours, 205 State Road deregulation, slow to restore access. According to the driver of the vehicle accident reports, companies which he belongs is to do the transportation of hazardous chemicals, this route is from Zhejiang Quzhou bound for Xiamen, Fujian. When he was traveling on to the premises, from the rearview mirror to see the tank is fuming, he felt things were not brake quickly view the situation and found that immediately after the leak please call the police.