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At 20:00 on May 8, 2014, section Zhejiang Pujiang Hangjinqu (G60), occurred in multi-car rear-end accidents, resulting in a loaded 24 tons of highly toxic hydrofluoric acid leakage, seven people were injured.

According to high-speed traffic police, the incident occurred, a license plate number Anhui S2G677 / S7751 Anhui registered a drop tube trailer 0.9 tons heavy roll in motion, causing the rear of a trailer because of avoidance and less than truck occurred in Zhejiang G scratch, causing the truck caught fire after crashing through the guardrail overturned.

Subsequently, a transport of goods trailer license Jilin car accident was found in front slow down. Then, a rear license Jiangxi hazardous goods vehicles (according to the car driver, said the article contained in the interior of the liquid hydrofluoric acid) due to avoid less, after scraping a car rear-end collision occurred with the license Jilin trailer causing the hazardous chemical tank car on the left front part of the leak.

The whole incident involving a total of seven vehicles, killing seven people were injured (four of whom are due to varying degrees of inhaled hydrofluoric acid burning), no danger.

High-speed traffic police, hydrofluoric acid is an aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride gas, clear, colorless, fuming corrosive liquid with a strong corrosive, toxic, such as vapor inhalation or contact with the skin can cause burns difficult to cure.