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Around at 10:00 on March 13th, 2015, between the high-speed silver Fu Chang Kau Kee Yongxiu to a new week, 615 male pile at a road accident. One loaded with hazardous chemicals hydrofluoric acid truck rollover occurred, hydrofluoric acid leak.

It is understood that the hydrofluoric acid on human skin irritation strong and corrosive, can cause serious poisoning, inhalation of high concentrations of hydrofluoric acid, can cause bronchitis, pulmonary edema and hemorrhage, with high lethality.

Currently, the scene has been blocked, Qi thoughtful new paragraph Komsomolsk two-way traffic control. To Jiujiang direction of the vehicle, the new Qi Zhou at high speed, and then take the national highway speed from Komsomolsk charges. Nanchang go the direction of the vehicle can be from Komsomolsk-speed, high-speed re-re-Zhou Qi. In addition, Nanchang Wanli West Outer Ring service area, Kau Bridge, the new Qi Zhou toll on the Jiujiang to divert the direction of the vehicle. Nanchang go the direction of traffic control in Seven Mile post service area.