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"The hydrofluoric acid on car suddenly leak, will you come over here and help dispose of." At 16:34 on November 8th, 2014, the county fire brigade received the alarm call, said Jinliwen Nishida farm entrance Lishui direction toward K-2533 road hydrofluoric acid spill occurs. After the accident, the county public security, emergency office, environmental protection and other departments and units Wuyi three US emergency rescue team rushed to the scene for rescue.

After the brigade alarm, quickly dispatched 20 people 4 car scene to dispose of. 16:45, the fire brigade arrived at the scene found a license plate number Zhejiang H05712 truck parked on the highway emergency channel, the scene was filled with a strong odor. Because the incident occurred near the village, the commander immediately ordered a set of on-site personnel to quickly alert to persuade the crowd to leave; a group of people to flow to the ground and the car diluted hydrofluoric acid liquid; a group of people with chemical warfare suits use horizontal bar ladder climb wagons, carriages will be located in the left side of the rear barrel ruptured hydrofluoric acid diluted to identify and placed on the ground. 17:10, completed the disposal of the initial spill.

I learned from the scene of the truck driver, the truck was bound from Wenzhou, Jinhua, carrying 400 barrels per barrel weight 25 kg of hydrofluoric acid, the process of moving from the rearview mirror the driver is found to the rear of the car white smoke, dried Check off the leak is found, immediately to the fire department for help.