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Stainless steel production process, use 6% hydrofluoric acid, 20% nitric acid mixture to wash the production process, but also the production of stainless steel in a very important process. Chi Sheng Wei Hua corrosion experts point out, has its own unique hydrofluoric acid corrosion behavior, quartz and granite in sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, both having excellent corrosion resistance, but can not do anything in front of hydrofluoric acid. Even excellent acid resistance of epoxy resin and furan resin, in hydrofluoric acid solution will form a fluoride caused a significant decline in strength, resulting in failure protection. So choose hydrofluoric resistant materials have been a subject of great concern stainless steel business.

Technical criteria and test methods hydrofluoric acid resistant coatings in China is still blank. In order to improve the level of corrosion protection of steel pickling process, Beijing Chi Sheng Wei Hua Chemical Co., Ltd. developed scientific and technological personnel, after the market follow-up investigation and laboratory tests repeated continuously for five years, the introduction of special anti-corrosion coatings resistant to hydrofluoric acid, ZS-1033 hydrogen fluoride-resistant acid anti-corrosion coatings selected phenolic resin, barite, chrome nano powder, anti-solid medium filler and other special materials from finished, dense coating stability, resistant to acid corrosion, especially good resistance to hydrofluoric acid (HF) etching effect, Chi Sheng Wei Hua ZS-1033 hydrofluoric acid corrosion-resistant paint coating can prevent live permeation of hydrogen ions, can better protect the metals and other materials from corrosion. After the specific use of experts and working conditions, the effect of material properties and application characteristics to the praise of experts and field personnel. This coatings research and development success, in one fell swoop to overcome the problems of corrosion of stainless steel business problems. ZS-1033 has a good anti-corrosion coatings resistant to hydrofluoric acid hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid mixed acid ratio, stainless steel pickling plant has been widely used, is an important resistance to hydrofluoric acid corrosion coating materials, are energy and steel, concrete good adhesion, adhesion grade 1.

In addition, a variety of high concentrations of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, mixed acid, ZS-1033 hydrofluoric acid corrosion resistant coating because of its high anti-permeability, can also play a very good anti-corrosion effect.