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Hydrofluoric acid corrosion-resistant select phenolic resin coating, barite, chrome nano powder, anti-solid medium filler and other special materials from finished, dense coating stability, resistant to acid corrosion, especially resistant to hydrofluoric acid (HF) etching effect well, can defend the paint penetration of hydrogen ions, can better protect the metals and other materials from corrosion.

Performance requirements:

hydrofluoric acid corrosion-resistant paint coating and base material having a matching temperature - coefficient of linear expansion, not because of internal stress or thermal stress coating leaving destruction;

② resistance to hydrofluoric acid corrosion paints and coatings with good adhesion to the substrate, keep the coating easy to fall off;

③ hydrofluoric acid corrosion resistant paints and coatings can withstand the device during operation of vibration and shock;

hydrofluoric acid corrosion resistant paints and coatings long life, durability, damage to the coating can be easily repaired.


Before the coating operation, the oil should be removed substrate surface, residual rust, scale and so on.

① recommend using water-based cleaning agent has a moderately alkaline remove oil, then rinse with water;

② All steel surfaces to be coated must be shot or sandblasting to achieve Sa2.5 level requirements, when the partial repair coating, the steel surface must be polished to St3 level;

③ blasting, sandblasting during and after construction, the steel surface must avoid grease stains again, blasting with compressed air must be fitted with a good performance of oil-water separator, steel rust after oil contamination must strictly avoid duplication, quality inspectors and construction workers painting piles of oil can not be worn work shoes, overalls, gloves unpainted steel structures for quality inspection and coating application;

④ surface roughness is controlled within the range of 25-40 μm.