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For any anti-corrosion program, the first consideration is the use of anti-corrosion coatings, general manufacturers and engineering companies will choose an epoxy resin, an epoxy resin adhesive force because of good resistance to hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, preferably salts performance, but epoxy resin itself has limitations in all aspects of its chemical composition and so on: the weather is poor, poor resistance to hydrofluoric acid properties. Therefore, this project must choose vinyl resins, vinyl resins (Vinyl Ester Resins) is internationally recognized as highly corrosion resistant resin, and has excellent adhesion and good strength, impact toughness, high tensile strength, both ring the basic properties of oxygen, but also an unsaturated polyester resin construction process.

Under conditions of a fluorine-containing medium, the reinforcing material should not use glass fiber, Dacron cloth should be used. According to experience, cast stone, quartz powder intolerance hydrofluoric acid. Therefore, the epoxy vinyl ester resin selected clay added graphite. Graphite natural graphite and artificial graphite two kinds. Xuancheng, Anhui, Hunan Chenzhou natural graphite and other real estate. 70-85% fixed carbon.

After the artificial graphite is pulverized coal and coke and bitumen, coal tar were mixed, after pressing kiln calcination in the absence of air to produce carbon products in 1300 ℃ when. 2400-3000 ℃ generated when graphite with high chemical stability, excellent corrosion resistance, particularly resistance to phosphoric acid and hydrofluoric acid corrosion is very good, and a low coefficient linear expansion.