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As we all know, the risk hazards of hydrofluoric acid production process is  poisoning, burns, electric shock and has other anhydrous. Therefore, in the design and production process must strictly comply with the relevant standards, in order to avoid a security risk. In this proposed major security countermeasures against hazards of poisoning, burns, electric shock and other limited space, security countermeasures other dangerous harmful factors, not in this discussion.

Anti-poisoning hazard countermeasures:

The presence of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid to produce some toxic substances, such as anhydrous hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, fuming sulfuric acid and gas. Especially anhydrous hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, a highly toxic characteristics, should be the focus of prevention.

(1) It is noted that the amount of process parameters selection and control of the anhydrous hydrofluoric acid production plant in the exhaust fan suction negative pressure state, anhydrous hydrofluoric acid filling port is also provided negative interface to avoid production means the hydrogen fluoride gas leakage into the workplace air, causing poisoning.

(2) Note that equipment, material selection, in order to minimize the possibility of leakage, should pay attention to the choice of materials and equipment. By means of practical experience and design knowledge and other devices of similar projects, selecting corrosion-resistant materials to ensure complete tightness of the device.

(3) of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid production section and positions, such as toxic material discharge outlet when not in normal operation, sampling port, tank valves, pumps and compressors, etc. may accumulate toxic gas leak or a place, as well as gas station, etc. toxic gas detectors must be set to prevent excessive concentration of toxic substances; if the control room, equipment room and distribution of toxic materials within a distance of 30 meters, also should be established corresponding toxic gas detectors.

(4) Setting the uninterruptible power supply, external power supply when the power failure, to ensure the normal operation of vacuum systems to prevent the production of means of hydrogen fluoride gas leakage.

(5) of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid production plant and gas stations designed for semi-open structure for ventilation, to reduce the accumulation of toxic substances in the workplace.

(6) to strengthen the equipment, pipes, valves sealing material inspection and maintenance and inspection jobs, prevent equipment run, run, drip, leak.

(7) to strengthen the protection of the individual site operators, toxic production sites and jobs should be equipped with special gas masks, air breathing masks, gloves and goggles and other labor protection articles, and regular inspection of life over labor protection products, such as canisters, etc. should be replaced. Toxic post operator should be regular medical examinations to establish health files, prevent chronic poisoning.