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(1) for high-temperature equipment such as a stove, a rotary kiln, high-temperature circulating fan, gas heaters to take effective insulation measures should be taken. Thermal design of the equipment and piping shall conform to "technical equipment and pipe insulation General" (GB4272), in order to reduce the impact on the operating environment, prevent scalding accidents.

(2) for hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid and fuming sulfuric acid  and other strong acidic corrosive substances equipment and facilities, should be a reasonable choice in the design process, equipment, and piping structures and materials to prevent leakage of material or splashing.

(3) the chemical burns hazardous work should be mechanized, plumbing and automation, and install the necessary signal alarm, safety interlocks and safety devices, prohibit the use of glass pipes, fittings, valves, flow meters, pressure gauges and other instruments.

(4) having to anhydrous hydrofluoric acid and other chemical burns hazardous production facilities, the equipment should be arranged to ensure that the workplace has enough space, and to ensure the smooth flow of workplaces, dangerous operation point provided protective measures.

(5) for the dangerous operation area have chemical burns should be designed eyewash necessary, rinse and other security measures, and set in the ambulance unit area. Staff should be with the necessary personal protective equipment.