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At 7:38 on October 15, 2015, a truck loaded with 20.78 tons of hydrofluoric acid to State Road 205 large tankers to Sanming Shaxian road, the right of the tank bottom has a sudden leak. Sanming fire brigade after over two hours of emergency treatment, the danger succeed excluded. After receiving the alarm, the fire brigade attendance Sanming command prompt start of the emergency response plan, the rapid mobilization of Secret Squadron, Sa Sands squadron seven fire engines, 40 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene, while the situation to the Corps command center, city hall, City Administration, Environmental Protection Agency and the municipal traffic police detachment has been reported that the request to send reinforcements to the scene to dispose of synergy.

After exclusion of danger, blocked for nearly three hours, 205 State Road deregulation, slow to restore access. According to the driver of the vehicle accident reports, companies which he belongs is to do the transportation of hazardous chemicals, this route is from Zhejiang Quzhou bound for Xiamen, Fujian. When he was traveling on to the premises, from the rearview mirror to see the tank is fuming, he felt something wrong and  brake quickly view the situation and found that immediately after the leak call the police calls.

The public security departments to strictly implement the "prevent serious road traffic accident Ten Measures" (hereinafter referred to as "ten measures"), to further consolidate the national unity of concentration and control traffic violations effectiveness of the actions, to ensure road safety situation in the fourth quarter stable. According to reports, "ten measures" include strict control highway traffic order, strict rule of heavy goods vehicles aggressive driving behavior, thorough investigation of rural vans and transfer students vehicle overcrowding violations, strict prevention and control of network Highway Traffic Safety, strictly focused on cleaning up the vehicle and driving people risks, strict cleaning up key enterprise risks, clean up strict focus on road hazards, and severely punish dangerous driving offenses, serious exposure risks outstanding issues, the implementation of strict liability levels. Every hazardous chemicals(such as hydrofluoric acid) staff, must receive professional knowledge and training to enhance safety awareness, and strengthen the ability to prevent accidents.