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Hydrofluoric acid concentration detector features:

Section is built micro gas pump safety portable device;

Whole small size, light weight, waterproof, explosion-proof, shock-proof design;

High-precision, high-resolution, fast response fast;

Using large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, can work long hours;

Digital LCD backlight display, sound and light, vibration alarm function;

Upper and lower limit alarm can be set arbitrarily, comes with zero and the target point calibration function, built-in temperature compensation, easy to maintain;

Wide range, the maximum value can be displayed to 50000ppm, 100.00% Vol, 100% LEL;

Data recovery, eliminating the worry caused by misuse;

Magnification display value can be set to restart back to normal;

Shell is made of special materials and technology, easy to wear, easy to clean, long-term use bright as new.

Hydrofluoric acid concentration detector product characteristics:

It is built miniature models of high-precision gas pump hand portable safety equipment;

Imported electrochemical sensor has good anti-jamming performance, service life of up to 3 years;

The use of advanced microprocessor technology, fast response, high accuracy, stability and repeatability;

Detection field with on-site sound and light alarm, gas concentration in excess of immediate alarm, the security risk of field operations;

Scene with backlit LCD display and intuitive display of gas concentration / type / unit / work status;

The whole range of digital temperature compensation automatic tracking, to ensure measurement accuracy

Semiconductor nano-technology ultra-low power 32-bit microprocessor gauges;

Full automatic calibration software, sensors up to six target point calibration function to ensure measurement accuracy and linearity, and has a data recovery;

Full Chinese / English menu operation, simple and practical, with a temperature compensation function;

Automatic protection against high concentrations of gas shocks.

Hydrofluoric acid concentration detector briefly: hydrofluoric acid concentration detector alarm with high accuracy, high resolution, fast response, large capacity rechargeable lithium battery, the sampling distance, LCD backlight display, sound and light alarm, lower limit alarm can be set arbitrarily, and any destination can zero point calibration, simple operation, with erroneous data recovery.

Hydrofluoric acid concentration detector application areas: medical research, schools and scientific research, pharmaceutical production plants, tobacco companies, environmental testing, building construction, fire alarm, sewage treatment, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical plants, smelters, steel plants, coal plants, thermal power plants, boiler rooms, filling stations, waste disposal plants, construction of tunnels, pipelines, aerospace, industrial gas process control indoor air quality testing, underground gas pipeline maintenance, hazardous location safety, testing and other military equipment.