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The present invention relates to a high performance porous silicon film and preparation method, belonging to the technical field of the preparation of films; 70 to 75 parts by weight of each component of the raw material for the P-type silicon wafers, hydrofluoric acid 100 to 120 parts , 100 to 120 parts of ethanol, 4-8 parts of vanadium oxide, tungsten oxide having 2 to 4 parts, which will for the preparation of hydrofluoric acid and ethanol and mixed, then soaked in a mixture of silicon wafers, the electrolytic etching a porous 25 ~ 30min a silicon substrate; vanadium oxide sputtering surface of the substrate, a thickness of 0.15 ~ 0.25cm; then sputtered on the surface of the tungsten oxide layer having a thickness of 0.1 ~ 0.15cm, and that is finished; the superior performance of the film, the application scope wide, according to the needs of different applications and then plated with a thin layer of material on different MEMS sensor; dense film obtained, and good substrate adhesion, large area and uniform, with good insulation properties, and process conditions easy to control, low cost and suitable for industrial production.

The present invention relates to a method for preparing a silicon micro-nano structures, belonging to the technical field of new materials and nanomaterials. The present invention utilizes carbon and silicon in hydrofluoric acid etching solution and a galvanic cell, invented a novel method for preparation of silicon micro-nano structure. The method will be deposited on the surface of silicon sample graphite powder carbon material is immersed in a hydrofluoric acid solution or steam containing an oxidizing agent in the etching process, the preparation of the topography of silicon micro-nano structure can be achieved. The preparation method is simple and does not involve complex equipment and does not require precious metals such as gold or silver catalyst can be prepared by silicon microfabrication, suitable for large-scale industrial production. Silicon micro and nano structure of the present invention prepared with a wide range of applications in photovoltaic cells, photocatalysis, lithium-ion batteries, sensors and other fields.