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The present invention provides an adjuvant textured polysilicon film and an application method, the auxiliary agent comprises a silver-inducing agents, oxidants, buffers, dispersing agents and deionized water. The auxiliary agent is added to a mixture of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid composition of conventional isotropic texturing solution, and then the polysilicon film was immersed in the texturing solution, the surface of the wafer will occur isotropic etching and anisotropic etching to obtain a silicon surface reflectivity to less than 10% with corrosion pits and different to the inverted pyramid shape coexistence. Wherein the buffer role is to maintain textured liquid PH value stable; oxidant inducers can suppress silver anisotropic etching avoid the formation of too deep a hole; dispersant not only avoid the "rain" defects, but also attached to the silicon package the surface of the nano-silver particles, dramatically reducing the difficulty of cleaning after texturing wafers. The present invention overcomes some of the deficiencies of the prior methods of polysilicon texturing, especially for diamond wire cutting polysilicon film texturing.

The fluorine-containing waste water in the industrial production is widespread, such as non-ferrous metals and rare earth metal smelting aluminum electrolytic refining fluorosilicate HCFC pesticide stainless steel pickling and cleaning silicon-based electrical components and other traditional industries; in organic synthesis chemical atomic energy industry electronics industry chemical and other modern industrial production will emit large amounts of fluorine-containing waste water. Fluorine major pollution factor Fashui fluorine, generally in the form of hydrofluoric acid and fluorosilicic acid present. Usually based on different production processes, waste water also contain other inorganic salts or organic compounds and other pollutants. Domestic wastewater more of fluoride, fluorine-containing this paper, a wastewater treatment project example, in the hierarchical processing sludge wastewater containing fluoride co-precipitation cycle aspect pharmaceutical compositions applications for analysis and discussion.