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Simultaneous determination by inductively coupled plasma high silicon content of silicon, manganese, phosphorus content method of emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES). Sample after a small amount of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid dissolution, by inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy at about 0.8 mol / L in acidic medium was measured. the sample dissolution methods, the selection of acid media to do the relevant experiments, the use of dissolved material to establish a standard calibration curve, while a series of precision, accuracy and spiked recovery experiments. experimental results shows that the method is simple, rapid, each element of precision (RSD) were less than 3.5%, the recovery was 95% to 105%, good accuracy, the results meet the requirements.

Use nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid to dissolve the sample, select 212.413 nm wavelength as an analytical line, ICP-AES determination of ferromanganese silicon content. Ferromanganese for three standard sample measured 11 times to obtain a relative standard deviation of 0.432% ~ 0.568%, using the analysis standards and real samples, measured values consistent analytical results with the certified values and perchloric acid gravimetric method, meet ferromanganese Determination of silicon content.