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As the main inorganic fluoride products, especially hydrogen fluoride (hydrofluoric acid) accelerated development in the past five years, the reflect the rapid development of China's fluorine chemical market. From 2001 to 2005, the world's fluorine chemical industry maintained an annual growth rate of 1% to 2%, while the Chinese fluorine chemical industry more than 20% of the speed of development. The chemical industry, in 2001 China hydrofluoric acid production capacity of over 200,000 tons; the end of 2003 the total amount of hydrofluoric acid production plant China reached 389,000 tons; the end of 2004 reached 516,000 tons; the end of 2005 reached 65 million tons. Rapid and sustained improvement of fluorine chemical production capacity, so that China has gradually become the basis of international fluorine chemical products, the main production base of fluorine chemical intermediates and fine fluoropolymer, through cooperation with international companies, increasing the international competitiveness of products.

At present, China's largest application market is hydrogen fluoride fluorocarbon industry, accounting for more than 56% of the total consumption of hydrogen fluoride; followed by aluminum, 30%; again, are inorganic fluoride salts, paraffin oil catalysis, metal pickling, military specialty products. The end of 2003 China hydrofluoric actual output 284,000 tons; the actual output of 354,000 tons in 2004; the 2005 actual production is estimated to reach 40 million tons.

Fluorocarbon market is to promote the main driver of market demand for hydrogen fluoride. China fluorocarbon products are HCFCs and their alternatives, fluorine-containing polymers and processed products, organic fluorine fine chemicals. China gradually reduce the use of high ozone depleting potential (ODP) of CFC-wide alkanes (CFCS), while stepping up development of develop a lower ODP transitional substitutes (HCFCs, HFCS) as HCFC141b, HFC125, HFC32, HCFC134a, HFC152a, etc..

At present the country has excess hydrofluoric acid subsequent products, high-quality products and a lack of technical fluorine fluorine fluorine chemical industry development cycle due to resource constraints and the formation of the Chinese fluorine chemical industry into the wasteful and efficiency dropped significantly difficult position.