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Hydrofluoric acid (chemical name HF) is one of the most basic fluorine chemical raw materials, including industrial-grade, reagent grade and electronic-grade other varieties. Juhua Group Corporation in the 1990s to produce industrial-grade hydrofluoric acid, mainly used for the production of Freon and other fluorine chemical products, then, after a series of technologies to upgrade, reagent grade hydrofluoric acid appeared. But high-purity electronic grade hydrofluoric acid, due mainly used in semiconductor processing technology and microelectronics and photovoltaic industries, R & D has been a problem in the industry.

Currently, domestic producer EL grade electronic grade hydrofluoric acid only four or five factories, is a class of low-end electronic products, yield, and quality of imported products are still a wide gap. Kaisheng company 6,000 tons / year electronic device not only can produce hydrofluoric acid UP-S grade, UP high-purity electronic grade hydrofluoric acid series of high value-added products, and the quality has exceeded the electronic chemicals industry standards, in one fell swoop changed our electronic grade hydrofluoric acid dependent on imports.

Electronic grade hydrofluoric acid is an integrated circuit (IC), one of the key basic chemical materials, mainly for chip cleaning. Since the purity and cleanliness of electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid yield of integrated circuits, electrical performance and reliability have a very important influence, high production technology requirements, mainly rely on imports to meet domestic market demand.

As the world's semiconductor manufacturing industry gradually shifted to mainland China, the domestic demand for electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid in an increase of approximately 10%. Hydrofluoric acid to extend the industrial chain, Kaisheng company through joint research and bold innovation, high-purity electronic grade hydrofluoric acid to complete the work of small scale in 2006, 2008, pilot plant products in the domestic market and Southeast Asia, Europe, etc. market for its customers.