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Process (briefly): 98% of fluorite and sulfuric acid as raw materials in a rotary kiln to heat the reaction generated a high concentration of hydrofluoric acid gas, after distillation, purification, cooling, compression, filling into finished HF.

Production process: CaF2 + H2SO4 = CaSO4 + 2HF. Major equipment: reactor converter, distillation, degassing tower reactor, cooling the compressed device system.

Market Forecast: hydrogen fluoride fluorite is the most important derivative products, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride (referred AHF) fluorine chemical industry is the most basic raw materials, in other words, the fundamental chemical fluorine from fluoride. With the development of the chemical industry, production of hydrogen fluoride was a rapid upward trend toward large-scale industrial development also. Currently, some more than 20 countries, nearly 80 companies producing the product in the world. Since 1998, the annual growth rate of the United States of hydrofluoric acid of about 6%, Japan's average annual growth rate of about 10% in recent years, due to the limitation of HCFCs (CFC) refrigerants for production use, the study hydrofluorocarbons can replace freon, does not destroy the atmosphere, anhydrous hydrofluoric acid demand is expected in the next period of time there will be substantial growth.