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Fluorite is the feedstock of hydrofluoric acid. Fluorite resources is widely distribute in China, it has been found most fluorite deposits, proven recoverable reserves of fluorite listed third in the world. The country has proven reserves of 500 multiple fluorite mine, reserves of about 20 million tons, based on reserves of about 35 million tons, about 120 million tons of resources.

China has proven fluorite resources in 27 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), which, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and Hunan Province fluorite reserves together accounted for 70% of the country even more. There are 43 counties in Zhejiang Province fluorite mine, mainly in the country, Wuyi, Jinhua, Yongkang, Lin'an, Suichang, Dongyang and Yiwu, all of a single type of fluorite vein ore deposit, the higher the grade, proven resources there are 60 multiple amount of mining, but most are small-scale mining due to over-exploitation of the 1990s, high-grade fluorite resources nearly exhausted. Inner Mongolia fluorite ore are mainly distributed in Siziwangqi, Ejinaqi, Kala Qin flag, Alxa Left Banner and Linxi. Fluorite ore are mainly distributed in Fujian Shaowu, gloss and Jianyang. Fluorite ore are mainly distributed in Jiangxi and rejuvenating the country, Yushan, Shangrao, Ningdu, Dexing, Dean, Yongfeng and Ruijin, proven mining resources 90 many, but most are small-scale mining, at an average grade of 30% ~ 70% between. Hunan Province fluorite ore are mainly distributed in Chen County, rustic County and Hengnan Hengdong County.

Chinese fluorite mine fluorite deposits in a single type of 450 spots, most deposits in reserves, only a few million to several hundred thousand tons, only Siziwangqi Su Rong Chagan Obo fluorite mining, ore reserves of about 20 million tons. Associated non-ferrous mineral fluorite mine 50 multiple, Hunan Province Chen County Shizhuyuan tungsten, tin, bismuth and molybdenum ore mining associated fluorite resources amounted to 65 million tons, it is the world's largest Associated fluorite mine.

China in 1917 began mining fluorite, fluorite production in 1950, only 08,700 tons, the annual output of 1980 increased to 1.04 million tons, the annual output of 1995 reached a record high of 6.74 million tons. In addition to meeting domestic demand, China fluorite mainly exported to Japan, the United States, the Netherlands, India, Italy, South Korea and other countries. 1985 to 2008 China Fluorite cumulative production over 70 million tons, the export volume totaled more than 2,400 tons. From 1989 to 2002 the export volume of fluorite maintained at 100 million metric tons, in 1993 reached a record high of 1.38 million tons.

In recent years, China's implementation of export quota bidding system for the export of fluorite, fluorite exports declined. However, Chinese exports increased year by year hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid 2001 exports only 1.7 million tons in 2008 to 133,600 tons. Hydrofluoric acid is the most important base of fluorine chemical raw materials, but also the main fluorite downstream processed products. Export hydrofluoric acid, equal to fluorite exports in disguise.