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Electronic grade chemicals for the electronics industry, one of the new energy industry base of key electronic materials, mainly used in flat panel display, photovoltaic energy and new integrated circuits and other semiconductor electronics industry. For a long time, Japanese and American companies control the electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid, ammonium fluoride, electronic grade and electronic grade buffer etching solution (BOE) and other electronic grade chemicals production technology and international markets. Due to historical reasons, China's electronic grade chemicals these tariff lines do not separate, and industrial product tariff lines as similar, the same tariff number, electronic grade ammonium fluoride and ammonium fluoride with a tariff number, BOE no separate tariff number. This results in an electronic grade hydrofluoric acid export tariff of 15%, electronic grade ammonium fluoride export tariff of 5.5%, much higher than Japan, the United States similar product export duties (almost zero tariff).

Electronic grade chemicals production technology and international markets as Japan and the US long-term corporate control, has seriously hampered the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading of products related to the upstream and downstream in China. But with the innovation and technological progress, China's industrial level electronic grade chemicals have been significantly improved, to have broken the blockade of foreign technology, not only self-sufficient, but also to export. Clearly, the current tariff status quo no longer meet the industry objectively hindered exports electronic grade chemicals.

2012 domestic electronic grade chemicals production capacity of about 80,000 tons, the total domestic demand of about 40,000 tons, mainly in the manufacturing of photovoltaic cells used in the low-grade electronic grade chemicals, accounting for about 70%; wherein domestic sales of domestic products in concentrated solar cell industry with electronic grade chemicals, about 30,000 tons, imports totaled 10,000 tons. These electronic grade products in the total global demand of 30 million tons, mainly supply manufacturers in Japan, the United States, South Korea and Taiwan companies. They low-cost, high-tech strategy firmly grasp the market share of the international market of electronic grade chemicals.

The state not only does not encourage flat panel display, integrated circuit manufacturing and export policies photovoltaic manufacturing Special electronic grade chemicals, but also to impose higher export tariffs. In UP-SS grade hydrofluoric acid, for example, its international terminal price $ 2,200 (equivalent to 13,000 yuan) per ton, while the cost of domestic production of electronic grade hydrofluoric acid level was 12,000 yuan per tonne, after tariffs this variety has been unable to export. For electronic hydrofluoric acid is still in a growth phase, but also has important strategic value of new products, profitability and risk-resisting ability of the company are still very fragile and need urgent care and support from the government.