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           Fluorosilicic Acid
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Railway transport of dangerous goods according to the nature and characteristics of the transport of dangerous goods, and packaging should be the role of dangerous goods packaging must meet the following basic requirements:

The packaging material should be used and the nature of the dangerous goods loaded adapt. Dangerous goods on the corrosive effects of different materials requires appropriate packaging material must be corrosion-resistant. Belong to a strong acid, concentrated sulfuric acid can be used in iron containers, not use any other acid containing iron. Since the surface of oxide 75% concentrated sulfuric acid will generate a thin iron structure dense oxide protective film to prevent the continuous reaction of concentrated sulfuric acid and iron container. However, it can not open the iron containing concentrated sulfuric acid was placed, concentrated sulfuric acid will absorb moisture from the air and thinning, dilute sulfuric acid can damage the iron oxide has been formed, leaving the iron container corrosion. Aluminum can be used as nitric acid, acetic containers, but not containing other acids. Hydrofluoric acid can not use glass containers. In short, some dangerous goods containers in direct contact with the loaded items, the impact of chemical or other action of the article should not be affected. Direct contact with the portion of the package contents, if necessary an inner coating or have dealt with accordingly, so that the packaging material to adapt to the physical and chemical properties of the contents of the package and the contents do not react chemically to form dangerous products or lead to the weakening packaging strength.