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Combined with some work experience in the fire industry, logistics warehouse fire prevention and extinguishing, in addition to general measures such as good security Reservoir education, universal fire knowledge, stacking warehouse supplies reasonable arrangements for relevant departments regularly carry out random checks, those who fail to fire conditions timely rectification, full duty staff positions to implement routine inspection personnel job responsibilities, strict supervision of the necessary measures to carry out the daily work of fire and other outside personnel to minimize fire caused material damage, must be added Grand necessary defense, fire-fighting equipment capital investment, the choice really suitable for such occasions and efficient logistics warehouse fire fighting equipment;

Comprehensive market existing fire extinguishing capability of the product, combined with logistics warehouse fire occurred early burn vigorously, the rapid development of the fire characteristics, fire fighting equipment selection problem, the author briefly discusses a few comments as follows:

Under this particular warehouse on fire fighting equipment fire conditions on the performance, speed requirements for analysis of the applicability of conventional fire extinguishing agent as follows:

Ordinary dry powder: a wide range of popular, there is a certain fire-fighting capability is currently being used mostly general goods warehouse, but lower than other types of fire extinguishing agent, its fire-extinguishing performance was flat, not suited to extinguish burning vigorously, a wider range of fire; logistics warehouse such equipment for fire extinguishing capability demanding situations are not very useful.

Carbon dioxide: the release to achieve an effective concentration of fire, take some time, are performed extinguishing agent type of physical fire, the fire is slow, limited fire-fighting capability by isolating oxygen and cause surrounding moisture in the air a lot of condensed and liquefied when liquid CO2 vaporizes and produces mist, have an adverse effect on the protected object.

Heptafluoropropane: as an alternative to halon fire extinguishing agent, the kind of fire extinguishing agent is better, but the process is easy and the high-temperature flame fire occurrence and reaction to produce highly toxic hydrogen fluoride gas and will produce carbon dioxide when the fire extinguishing agent is released and similar condensation, once dissolved hydrogen fluoride in water mist generated at this time, will form the body of the protected object and have severe corrosive hydrofluoric acid (some sectors often used to dissolve the glass), and thus the scope of application is restricted.