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Wok long rust, Guo  heard wok with hydrofluoric acid can wash off, so he tried. However, his finger was badly burned, in which the right hand two fingers were burned to expose the bone.

107 Burns and Plastic Surgery Hospital, 63-year-old Guo talking about his injury process and he kept sighing. The original, Guo heard from his friend that hydrofluoric acid can grow rusty wok washed like new, watching their own two wok, Guo also want to clean up. "I bought hydrofluoric acid, took the line began to wash the glove, at the beginning I had no feel, after a while my hands began to feel pain, and getting worse." Guo took off gloves, fingers have been found some purple, then he quickly washed with water, but it was too late.

After diagnosis, Guo's right hand fingers and palms in varying degrees of burns, the left has not been spared, wherein the index and middle fingers of his right hand severely burned, a burned finger has exposed bones. "Although hydrofluoric acid belongs to the weak acid, should wear rubber gloves, and more layers is needed, Finger encounter hydrofluoric acid decalcification, burns would be more serious." Burns and Plastic Surgery Branch Dr. Wang Guodong said.

Dr. Wang also reminded the public that inhalation of high concentrations of HF mist can cause bronchitis, pulmonary edema and hemorrhage. Hydrofluoric acid can also be absorbed through the skin and cause poisoning, severe can lead to death. Since the skin did not feel anything to hydrofluoric acid, a few hours after symptoms appear, therefore, the use of hydrofluoric acid to be careful.