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In order to improve the life of an icing wind tunnel spray system to prevent the occurrence of an atomizing nozzle aperture changes or blockage in the use of the wind tunnel before installation and the need to deliver the spray system as a whole for pickling passivation. According to the structural characteristics of systems analysis and acid resistance test results, pickling passivation conventional dipping method, paste method, spraying method and the like can not be used in this system, and the cycle is not suitable for this method end open system. The analysis verified to PU tube, latex tube replacement spray system and device structure, precision fittings intolerance etching, with the PU tubes, latex tubes, drip tube acid, acid collection tank and low pressure spray system components Naifushibeng closed system allows acid cycle. At room temperature, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid and Lan-826 is compatible acid liquid, the volume fraction of 40% nitric acid passivation solution, using a round-robin system was pickling passivation, passivation film has been qualified.

Use 8 different kinds of acid to digest a solid waste, determination of copper, nickel, cadmium, chromium and other metal elements by ICP-0ES methods. The results showed that nitric acid - hydrochloric acid - hydrofluoric acid - perchloric acid system method detection limit of 0.2 ~ 1.5mg / kg, the relative deviation of 1.3% to 4.2% and the recovery rate was 81 .4% to 102%, the detection limit, precision and recoveries meet the requirements, to maximize the dissolution of solid waste in metal elements.

Describes the treatment and regeneration of spent sulfuric acid, summed up the fertilizer, petroleum refining, titanium dioxide, hydrofluoric acid, glyphosate, chlor-alkali, methyl methacrylate, dyes, sulfonated, coking enterprises, metal processing / Acid Production and utilization of wash water treatment industry waste sulfuric acid. The current analysis of organic waste sulfuric acid regeneration difficulties, the proposed waste sulfuric acid, ammonium sulfate and other sulfur-containing waste waste should focus.