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To evaluate the use of hydrofluoric acid at room temperature for Y- TZP ceramics etched improve the effectiveness of short-term bond strength of the resin. The method of production of Y-TZP ceramic 48, respectively alumina sandblasting at room temperature to under 40% HF etching 90 min at room temperature with 40% HF acid environment in the ultrasound oscillation 15 min way surface roughening, and then respectively, using two kinds of surface treatment in general type adhesive to produce a resin bonded specimens, tests 24 h after the water reservoir shear bond strength. AFM surface roughness test three kinds of way to get rough, and scanning electron microscopy showed that morphology. Results significantly improved surface roughness and bonding strength of two kinds of etching method for obtaining relatively sandblasted. Conclusion: room temperature at 40% HF etching can replace the alumina sand as a roughened Y-TZP ceramic method.

Application of hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid digestion as a solvent, by optimizing the microwave digestion procedure red gold quarry sample pretreatment, red and gold quarry determination of 15 rare earth elements by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. The test results showed that the correlation coefficient between 0.999 to 1.000 0 1 measurement precision RSD% less than 7.36%, recoveries between 92.3% ~ 106.9%. The method has wide linear range, high speed, low detection limit, accuracy and precision advantages, suitable for the determination of rare earth elements in red and gold quarry.

The sample size of ferrochrome nitride grinding to 75μm, sample weight is 0.05g, washed successively with 15mL phosphoric acid, 1mL 10mL hydrofluoric acid and sulfuric acid digestion sample, oleum at risk dropped 5 ~ 6mL nitric oxide repeat the full damage nitrides, catalytic silver nitrate, ammonium sulfate peroxide solution 20mL too, reducing sodium chloride solution, boiled red solution to disappear; to make the color of the titration end point mutation is more evident in the acidity of the solution is controlled at 2.0 ~ 2.5mol / L is added N- phenyl-generation anthranilic acid indicator, ferrous ammonium sulfate standard solution titration chromium; thus creating acid-soluble - ammonium ferrous sulfate titration method for the determination of chromium nitride ferrochrome. Experimental methods for the determination of four kinds of chromium nitride ferrochrome standard sample, relative standard deviation (RSD, n = 6) 0.26% to 0.55%. The determination consistent with the certified values. Measured according to test method 4 ferrochrome nitride samples chromium and alkali fusion with sodium peroxide - titration measurement results for comparison, the measurement results of the two methods are consistent.